November 3, 2017

WaterInspector measures, analyses and adjusts chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone. Being a generalist system, Water Inspector is one of the leading systems in the market. It is in particular characterized by its high operating reliability, long sensor lifetime of disinfection probes and high availability. The measuring system is self-monitoring and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar. Perfectly suitable for use in hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, industrial plants, etc. – everywhere where an effective and reliable disinfection is required.


  • Complete measurement and control system
  • Potentiostatic measurement principle
  • Plausibility check of the measured values by evaluating the redox potential
  • Automatic temperature compensation of the measured values
  • Pressure-resistant up to 10 bar at 20°C
  • Sample water temperature 0 – 70°C
  • Integrated flow monitoring and limitation
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Clear menu control in plain text


The complete measurement and analysis system is mounted on a base plate
h/w 550/600 mm, ready for connection.
The entire system is covered with an easily removable cover.
The user interface is accessible at all times through an opening in the cover.

Technical data

Measured parameters:
Free chlorine
Ozone: 0.00 … 4.00 mg/l
Redox: 0 … + 1000 mV
pH (option): 0.00 … 14.00 pH
Temperature: 0.0 … 100.0 °C

1. Pulse input sample water monitoring
2. Pulse input flow measurement
3. Floating input controller release
4. Floating input system release

1. Disinfectant dosing
2. pH dosing (option)
3. Common alarm
4. Control of circulation pump

Technical data
Analog output signal: 0/4 – 20 mA galvanically isolated
Working resistance: max. 500 ohm
Registration range: Freely adjustable within measurement range
Serial interface: 485
Baud rate: 9600
Data format: 8 bit, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit
Reference variable flow: Proportional controller
Reference variable measured value: On / Off (with hysteresis), PI controller
pH controller (option): On / Off (with hysteresis), PI controller
4 relays max. 250 V, 6 A, 250 VA
Power supply: 117/230 VAC, +6 / -10 %, 40 … 60 Hz
Power consumption: 10 VA
Power consumption circulation pump: 27 VA
Ambient temperature: Operation 0 … 50 °C, storage -20 °C … +65 °C
Humidity: max. 90% ‚RH at 40 °C (non-condensing)
Protection class
(measuring and control device): IP 65
Certifi cates and approvals: CE Declaration of Conformity
Analysis part (fl ow valve):
Max. pressure: 10 bar at 20 °C
Flow: 60 l
Flow monitoring: With,turbine flow sensor
Flow limitati With internal flow restrictor
Temperature: 0 … 70 °C
Sampling tap
Sample water filter
Shut-off valves: Inlet and outlet
Inlet and outlet: Hose connector 6/8
Measurement and control of pH
Circulation pump:
Mixing module: Connection dosing hose 4/6
Circulation pump: approx. 500 l/h
Sample water bypass: approx. 400 l/h