Dinosol VoDes BlueWave

Electrochlorination systems installed and operating since 2013 in Indonesia. With latest German technology and locally trained Technical Support, we bring to you the best solutions for alternative disinfection. Our systems ranged from 30 gram/ hr to 50kg/hr using common powder/ granular salt as raw material. Our team of specialists are able to design the systems and its ancillary components to suit your old or new treatment plant. Our web- based remote monitoring and control of the VODES series Electro-chlorinators, will enable you to view, monitor or troubleshoot your system from anywhere, anytime. This will also assure our clients of the fastest response and services when the need arises.

VODES BlueWave

Undivided-cell electrolysis systems 30 / 60 / 90 g Cl2/h

  • Particularly robust
  • Reliable operation, even under extreme conditions
  • Easy to install (comparable to a washing machine)
  • Low space requirements
  • Peak demand periods are covered by a product storage tank
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance by trained personnel
  • Economically priced entry-level electrolysis technology
  • Use of powder salt possible
  • Design cover
  • 3 years warranty

Examples of use
Drinking water disinfection up to approx. 45 m3/h
Drinking water disinfection in domestic installations
Swimming pool water disinfection
(private, hotels, fitness centers etc.)

Technical data
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Energy demand: approx. 0.27 kWh/h operation
Productive capacity: approx. 60 g chlorine/h
Product concentration of: approx. 5 ? 6 g chlorine/l
Fresh water consumption: approx. 12 l/h
Salt consumption: approx. 216 g/h
Space requirements wall mounting plate: 1212 x 772 x 195 mm (hxwxd)
Transport weight: approx. 118 kg
Operating weight: approx. 250 kg
flow control monitor: yes
Monitoring of backflow in
hydrogen pipe: yes
Softening plant: integrated
Refill control in softener: yes
Operating mode: stand-alone